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There are some people who have been branded as “useless”. Not seen to be useful in any opportunity life offers them.  For some, it’s almost as if they’ve been cursed all their lives. With nothing seeming to be working out for them. As I talk to you now, most of them have given up already and some are just about to. But before the next person also gives up, am here to help that person to be somebody nobody thought he or she could ever be. With a few success tips for life.

As we grow old, we realize that the most important lessons learned in life were as a result of personal experiences. Followed by others experiences, then books, article and the likes.

But I have come to know that in life, you don’t necessarily have to learn from your own mistakes. Rather, you can start by learning from others mistakes to avoid such mistakes on your part. You don’t need to commit same mistakes committed by someone ages or minutes ago to learn what’s right.

Below are 6 proven success tips for life from some of the world’s most successful and renowned people. I worked for me and I believe it will also work for you.

1.Pray and believe in yourself and your God.

Whether you believe it or not, prayer is the number one key to success. When you pray and hold on to your faith in your God, all other things shall be yours on a silver platter. Bible says, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you (Mat 6:33). This format has worked for me and a number of people personally known by me. I believed the word and I believed in myself knowing I can also do once others were able to.I wouldn’t say my personal prayers got me where I am today. But the prayers of my loved ones day and night has contributed to my immerse success at this tender age. One thing is certain, prayers do work but if you do not believe in yourself, you will find it difficult to achieve what you ought to.

The power of prayer can never be underestimated. For prayer will always remain the key.


2. You need to plan for it

I always tell my students and others; to succeed and make it in life, we need to plan. Yes. Not everything comes by chance. Certain things are as a result of efforts made minutes, hours, days or years ago.

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized in an individual’s life. The bitter truth is, you can’t succeed if you don’t plan.

Planning includes your progress as well as the best pathway or systematic approach to achieve your goals. You need to know what your vision is to determine the steps to take to achieve it.

Planning helps you know what to achieve in a given time frame. And makes clear what the future holds for you and what the ultimate goal is. Planning, therefore, helps you make decisions faster and achieve the desired results at the stipulated time.  If you fail to plan, then know you are planning to fail. Its either of the two.


3. Be passionate about what you do and don’t be afraid of failure

Apathy might be in style, but it will get you nowhere. To be aflame with inspiration, you need to be passionate. Be passionate about what you what to do or achieve. Always be driven by a passion for your work. Be the “in spite of” and not the “because of”

Don’t entertain self-hatred or self-abnegation due to the “you cannot be somebody” say. Which has become an anthem. But rather, be nullified inwardly and take up the challenge to prove them wrong. Knowing that your passion for life drives you forward. And of failure, you need not worry about it at all. For it only gives you the opportunity to start again more intelligently.  Success tips for life are practical, not magical.


4. Live purposefully and be a man of action

To achieve your dreams and “be somebody” in life, you will need to start paying attention to your actions.

Making sure everything you do or say is contributing to who you want to become. Nobody reads success tips for life and don’t take any step. The steps you take after thinking through and planning are the actions you are taking for your life.

Cherish every bit of your time and use it productively. Rather than wasting your free time, use it for something more useful to “be somebody” you would want to be. For example, rather than spending your weekends watching soap operas, use them to search for ways to improve your mission of  “be somebody”.


5. Manage your finances

Managing your finances will help ensure your financial stability over time regardless of your income.

Understand your income; where it comes from, the deductions and adds. Then prioritize your spending. Not squandering money anyhow. Know how to spend and on what. Be frank with yourself and differentiate between your basic needs and your luxuries.

Often keep track of your expenses and know where you spend your money. This will help prevent overspending and ensure that your finances are intact.


6.Engage yourself in the right environment.



Be with people who will impact you positively being it subconscious or unconscious. People who are “smarter than you” or have attained a certain goal. So you can learn from them. (Most of my ideas on blogging were as a result of my best friend, Frank. Frank Chisom is the owner of and other numerous sites).

Put yourself in a macro environment which motivates you constantly to become successful or “be somebody” nobody thought you could be. And this includes the place you live, work, colleagues and friends with whom you spend most of your time.

Success tips for life will always be there and never change. Our success depends mainly on us and not on anyone.

Take these 6 success tips for life seriously, and you will see a drastic change in your life.

Will be waiting to hear your success story. Best wishes to you.

Note that reactive brains produce reactive thoughts.

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  1. Am not exaggerating but this is one of the most useful tips to success i have come across. And the unique part is your first point. hardly do you see people include it in their write ups.
    Thanks mom
    God bless you

    1. Am glad you like it dear. As it is, we must always know that we are nothing without God and whatever we have now is as a result of how God allowed it. I await to see your next comment telling me how the tips helped you. God bless you as well. xoxox

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