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I have been a victim of dark knuckles and it played a very major role in lowering my self-confidence. Especially since I was a very far lady and it really did show itself. I realised a lot of people also had the same problem and I tried many ways to solve this issue so I can feel good about myself. After all, no one wants to sport those sinister patches on their hands or feet.
So I searched the internet for a solution and all didn’t really help me. But low and behold, I tried a couple of combinations of some ingredients I knew about and the magic worked.
So basically, know that your endless search is over. And that there are home remedies to get rid of dark knuckles from your elbow, elbows, and knees. You need not waste money anymore going for surgery or buying cosmetics to treat your dark knuckles.

However, before we go through the home remedies for treating dark knuckles, let us first jump into some possible causes of the dark knuckles we see today.


  • Dryness
  • Skin diseases
  • Obesity
  • Keratoderma (condition that causes blisters and calluses)
  • Bleaching
  • Misuse of chemicals
  • Lack of proper care

With the above causes in mind, we need to know that the very first and important step to ignore or cure dark knuckles is to keep the causes at bay.


  • Sun protection- Always use a sun protector glasses before stepping out in the sun and prevent further darkening around the eyes. Also, use sun protection cream to avoid direct contact of the sun with your skin to also prevent further darkening.
  • Be caring to your skin– If you can’t go for manicure and pedicure you can avoid washing your hands and feet with extremely hot water and desist from rubbing them too hard. Be gentle with them as you slowly massage them often with cream. You can also care for your dark knuckles by using pumice stones regularly to clean theme or also using loofahs.
  • Moisturize- Exfoliating creams like the name implies does not only hydrate the skin but also exfoliates it.I also recommend using a hand cream during the day and at night alongside with foot cream before going to bed.You can also mix glycerine oil or olive oil to your cream to soften and give you a glowing skin.


Here are the most effective home-remedies you would love to try to treat your dark knuckles-

  • Lemon and honey pack

    This combination is a good natural bleaching agent which can help you get rid of your dark knuckles leaving your skin brighter and smoother. First of all, use equal quantities of lemon juice and honey to form a smooth mixture and apply it regularly to get rid of your dark knuckles. Do this often and you can begin to flaunt your knuckles with pride again.

  • Exfoliation with lemon juice

    Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with sugar and rub your hands vigorously for about 5-15 minutes in the night before going to bed. The natural bleaching properties present in lemon juice with the exfoliating properties also present in sugar would get rid of the dark knuckles in few weeks.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    Not only does aloe vera treat burns, helps with digestion, reduces inflammation, treat pimples among others but its gel is also a wonderful element used to brighten and lighten up dark knuckles. Massage your knuckles at least twice a day to get a whole new wonderfully bright knuckles.

  • Baking Soda

    This is one of the coolest and easiest ways to care for your knuckles due to its ingredients to fight dark, undernourished skin. Form a texture out of baking soda and water and gently rub on your knuckles at least 5 times in a week to witness your knuckles change to its usual state glowing.

  • Tomatoes

    Slice tomatoes into different sizes and apply each slice on your knuckles to find a wow result in just 2 weeks.

Always remember to go the natural way to treat dark knuckles forever instead of using bleaching creams which will only work temporarily and cause other damages to your skin. Make sure to take care of your skin to avoid skin diseases.

#Your health, your wealth.

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