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How do you see yourself, how do I see myself and how do we see ourselves? I gave a presentation 2015 in a law class and it went so well. Something I wasn’t prepared for because I didn’t have the necessary learning material. But hey, it went so well. I was so happy I did it. My classmates, my co-presenters, the facilitator and everyone present paid attention. And with a standing ovation, I was escorted to my seat after I finished presenting.

I was happy, relieved and proud of myself. That was when the facilitator got to know my name and we became friends.

The following year at another gathering, I had to prepare and deliver a speech with five other people. I asked myself “another unfortunate incident with me again? “. I felt goosebumps on my skin and butterflies in my stomach. Fear gripped in. My only prayer was that I wouldn’t be selected to present the speech. After the time was up, no one in my group was willing to present. All attention was on us. I felt embarrassed. And again I had to own up and present on behalf of everybody. When I started to speak, everyone turned to look at me. All were marveled. Especially because I was just speaking from my mind, giving practical examples and not referring to any handout for help. The facilitator of the gathering paused and asked: “Whats your name”. And I replied by saying Victoria.

After the gathering, not only people from my side were coming to me but others from other centers walked towards me and congratulated me for a speech well delivered. And yeah, I was happy and proud I did it once again.

A question still remained unanswered to me. The question of how do I see myself, and how do you see yourself. Think about it: Do you love yourself? And do you also believe in yourself?

I realized after many years how I couldn’t move forward because of my lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. I didn’t believe I could do certain things. And that caused lots of problems in my life. Now, with my years of trying to help people, I have come to realize most of them also are facing the same problem. A problem of not believing in themselves. With others not even having the slightest clue that’s a major cause of the problems, they are facing.

I also noticed that some even don’t try to make any effort before they say they can’t. In their minds, they’ve already concluded certain tasks just can’t be done by them. Therefore rejecting themselves. However, that’s totally different from what God wants for us.

What God wants from us is for us to have everything that pertains to good life. A relationship considered as great. A relationship free of self-hatred and self-rejection.


Yet, one thing is certain: you can never run away from yourself. Whether your self-rejection is as a result of no one liking you, it still doesn’t matter. You can make them like you by believing in yourself and standing up for what you can do if that’s your problem. But I believe pleasing others other than God and yourself should be the last thing you should do.

Self-pity only tops up to problems and offers no bit of help. The fact that others don’t love you does not stop you from loving yourself.

Victoria Lovi.


In fact, this is the time to see yourself in a positive light and appreciate who you are. Believe you me, you need to start seeing yourself as who you really are. Have a positive mindset. Knowing that just like others can do it, so can you also do it.


The fear of believing you just can’t be the best

In my story, I had no faith in myself. I doubted my capacity but I realized I was more than the task when I stood up to it. Had I stayed in my little corner, I still would have been that fearful young lady who would always believe there are much better people than her.

After years of knowing myself and others, I have come to know that most people reject themselves due to their continuous act of comparing. They compare themselves with others and think they aren’t proper, good or right. Failing to see themselves as God sees them; the king’s kid, the royal priesthoods, Gods own among others.

Until we begin to see ourselves just as Christ sees us, our viewpoints in all matters will not always be optimistic. And instead of our hearts being fearless, it will be fearful. Know that in all things, our sufficiency and capability is of the Lord. We are more than conquerors, victors and have all things that pertain to good life and godliness. And don’t give in to self-pity, self-rejection nor self-hatred again. Always remember, you are the king’s kid.

Glory to Jesus!

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