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Men of God vs People


A few days ago, I came across an article concerning a reputable man of God (per my revelation). In that article, he made his views with regards to a particular dish, how it’s made and why He thinks it isn’t healthy. I was amazed and shocked with the comments people were passing.  How could Christians and probably non-Christians rain insults on this man of God and other men of God?  I couldn’t think far.  All I could do was to wonder where the reverence and fear of God had run to. I also wondered if the scripture that says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’‘ still exist.




Democracy or Theocracy?

It’s true we are in a democratic world but our words are important. Our words portray who we are and our words make us or destroy us. As Christians, our ruling should be Theocratic, not democratic. Not just for the men of God but for every believer.

And yes, who are we to judge? And before judging, have we already judged ourselves to know our stand with God?

We must always have at the back of our minds that, the measure with which we judge others will be the same measure with which God will judge us with and perhaps, even more.

When God says tough not, He means touch not. It’s a command actually. And this entails all other things that cause physical and psychological harm to His appointed ones.

My question is, why do people enjoy criticizing their pastors and other men of God? It seems like all others can talk about is the shortcomings of their pastors and other men of God. Don’t be amazed if a church member cannot remember one sermon preached by a pastor but can give detailed information about something that went wrong during service. Or what a man of God did that they deem wrong.  Now, I have been left with no better option but to say something about this case or such cases. Bible asks, “Who can lay hands on the Lords anointed and be guiltless?”(1 Samuel 26:9)

One thing we should know is, no man of God is perfect. Yes.  Your pastor like all other pastors look unto Jesus; the perfecter of our faith. Always determined to run the race and seize the prize awaiting them. If someone has been called by God to serve a church and win souls for the kingdom of light, then they like everyone should be helped, encouraged and advised in every other possible way.

No Man of God Is Above “The Word”



Am not saying pastors should be above the law or the word of God that guides us. Neither am I saying they should ignore their responsibilities nor take advantage of the clerical. Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 14: 20 to have everything done in a fitting and orderly way. But unfortunately, Church members instead of praying for their pastors seems to be enjoying seeing their downfall and criticizing them as well. I haven’t come to understand what exactly their intentions are. I only believe in one thing; whatever their intentions or reasons may be, it is wrong and also a sin in the eyes of God.  Not only will their actions cause dissension in the church but it will also close their minds and hearts to the teachings of God words which is food for the spirit and soul.

Note that whether or not the pastor is abusing the clerical or is ignoring responsibilities, the more excellent way than critics is to pray for him and encourage Him to walk on the right path.

Remember, critics do not solve any problem but prayer is the key and solution to all problems.

I pray and wish we all, instead of waiting to have something bad to talk about will rather pray for an opportunity to speak to others who also fall short in this case. To make us better beings.

God bless and see us through.

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