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Are Christians susceptible to lies?


All of us are susceptible to believing lies at any given time. Just like fake or counterfeited products are presented as genuine ones. With most people not knowing the difference and few being able to identify the original ones from the bad ones. Likewise, don’t assume that because we Christians are followers of the truth, we would be less susceptible to such lies.

However, the real truth is that many Christians live their lives believing in many lies. Also forgetting to realize that not all facts are the truth.  Some facts can be proven wrong in a matter of time. We make our own meanings from other things, especially the bible. And most times, we don’t even realize that they are lies due to how it’s been nicely packaged in what appears to be the words (logos) in the bible.

There are numerous lies Christians believe and that has affected their growth and eventually driving them away from the plans of God.

Let’s take a look at few of those lies we have decided to believe and make a part of us. Which is affecting our daily lives one way or the other.


1.Personal salvation depends on an individual’s good works.

My dear ones, don’t get it twisted. Righteousness is different from right doing. While a lot of people agree and believe that good deeds help them earn a spot in heaven, I don’t seem to agree with them. This is because salvation depends on our acceptance of Jesus. Meaning, you can only be saved when you believe in Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and personal savior. So know that doing right is different from righteousness which comes as a gift the moment you accept Christ.

Doing all the good deeds you can think of and not accepting Christ doesn’t save you or make you born again. Therefore, the first step in securing a spot in heaven is by accepting and making Jesus your life foundation.

Romans 10:9 says “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

James declares that faith without deeds is dead, that simply doesn’t mean that good deeds are what earns salvation.  So basically, it is faith that earns salvation not works.


2. “Church is not NECESSARY,” Says supposed CHRISTIANs.

In other words, it’s just OK to be “a lone” Christian. Really??? I was “a lone” Christian for ages. I could count the number of times I go to church every year. If not two then sometimes not at all in a year. Frankly speaking, I knew no different and didn’t know any better as well.

Many of us have come to the point where we believe all we have to do as Christians is to believe in God and not necessarily go to church often or at least on just Sundays. Who told you so! Most people wake up as early at 4:30 a.m from Monday to Friday to go to work and they wake up 12:00 pm on Sunday. Sorry but this nonsense must stop. We use Sunday as a resting day when in actual fact we should be waking up more earlier than the 4:30 in order to make it to church early. Others also use their Sundays to wash instead of fellowshipping with their God.

And you know, what turns me off the most is when they tell you God can be worshiped in the house. Who says that? If that’s true, then the words in Hebrews 10;25 that says “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” should be cleared off.

Its true God is omnipresent or is everywhere. It’s also true we can worship God at home and other places but don’t tell me you will worship God at home on Sundays as an excuse to wash or rest. If that’s not an excuse, then also kindly learn at home and go to school when you so please


3. Most people believe that only pastors or those in “leadership” position are entitled to the gifts of the spirit and can lead

Churches most at times use titles or offices like pastor, prophet, teacher, evangelists or whatever in their ministries. Which is basically stating that you must be a professional or hold any of the offices to serve or lead the body of the Christ. However, what makes the body of Christ unique and extraordinary is that, God calls ordinary men for His extraordinary works. In other words, God does not look at your capabilities but your availabilities. To serve or impact the word of God on those around you, you do not need a certificate to do so. All you need is the word of God and the spirit of Jesus.

And you do not also have to be a pastor to speak in tongues or have the nine gifts of the spirit. It comes to you as you desire. Don’t sit back doing nothing because you’ve not been given the chance to lead in your church. You can also lead people into Christ starting from those around you (house, school, office, etc)


4. The Holy Spirit is a “force” not a “person”


As far as am aware, the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit has all the attributes of personality and is not merely an impersonal force.  John chapters 14, 15, and 16, for example, spoke of the Holy Spirit as “He” a person. In there, Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit as our comforter, teacher, counselor, one that will lead us to all truths among others (John 14:16 and 15:26). These titles or attributes convey the ideas of exhorting, advising, strengthening comforting, and a host of others.

Also, the Bible makes it clear the Holy Spirit is God Himself. An example can be derived in Acts 5:1-4. In there, a man who lied to the Holy Spirit is said to have lied to God. He (Holy Spirit) is able to convict us of our sins and many more (John 16:8-11) and gives us a new life when we trust in Jesus. (John 3:8).

The Holy Spirit came upon people, anointing them for a specific task or purpose in the old testament (Exodus 31:1-5; Numbers 24:2) and in the new testament, He dwells within all believers (1 Corinthians 6:19), assuring them that they are children of God.


5. Gender identity is a matter of choice.


Most people believe that gender identity is a matter of choice. Especially in the American and European countries.

Scripture does not make us know that a person was born in the wrong form or in the wrong body (gender). But it does emphasize two simple ideas on sexuality. That is, humans were made to be either a male or a female. So people who struggle with gender dysphonia should be treated with love and respect. With Christians not believing that their birth sex is a mistake.

Rather we should appreciate our sex and know our gender is because of our purpose in life. Also, remember to choose a stand you will be proud of.


These are 5 basic lies Christians believed over the years which caused them to be in bondage. I hope this article has been able to clear off some doubts and untrue facts stored up in your head. I know there are other things Christian are still believing today. If you have an idea of any, kindly drop it in the comment box.

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