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Making This Year’s Valentine’s Day Better With or Without Your Partner

It’s February and Valentine’s day has become a piece of conversation in all households, churches, schools among others.
Love is in the air as everyone talks about love.  Everyone’s aim for 14th February is “making valentine’s day better this year”
Most singles are anticipating what to do on that special day whiles the attached ones are seriously planning.
There’s no doubt of happiness and joy when you celebrate Valentine’s day with that special someone; the one whom you truly love with all of your heart.
I know at the mention of valentine’s day, you only see yourself celebrating it with that special someone.
I have been there before and am talking truth and experience.
However, don’t you believe dedicating one of these days into planning your future with your partner could do you more good?
I mean, you’ve always been celebrating Valentine’s day ever since you’ve been dating for 1,2,3,4 or 7 years now, so just setting aside 1 of those days for your future is actually the best thing to do in my perspective.
Or  do you believe it’s always about love, chilling, having sex among others?
If you actually want to get married to your partner and you serious about it, you should start reading books on marriages and have a mentor for your relationship.
Yes! How many books have you read about marriage and who can you point to as a mentor to your relationship?

Dear singles, discover your purpose first and plan for your marriage.

Know that, you can only know who is actually the wrong partner only when you know yourself and your purpose.
What if you don’t know yourself? 😱🙆‍♂
I always tell my colleagues to MARRY RIGHT! Yes! As a lady or gentleman,  you should marry the person who sees the purpose you are carrying even  higher than romance.
The one who figures out your assignment  and or purpose and also considers it higher than his or her pleasure.
That’s why am suggesting instead of the teddy bears, chocolates, outings, sex etc. on Wednesday, you spend just a few hours together praying for that future you so desire, thereby planning for your life as well.
Sharing your visions to each other and asking God His purpose for your relationship is also best.
Maybe you are  in for a joke. Maybe its just a fling or maybe its actually one of those things but if you really really want that relationship to end in marriage, then also know that it goes beyond chocolates, teddy bears and outings.
💃🏽My dear singles,  instead of expecting someone to surprise us on Wednesday,  why don’t we also spend a few minutes praying for our future spouses? Maybe when our purpose and relationship goals are placed before God, He will surprise us with that right person we’ve been waiting for.
Well,  who am I to advise you?
I am Victoria; the Lord’s Spontaneous as He prefers to call me.
Truth is, the best person to talk about marriage and relationships is the one who is not married but spirit filled because that person will preach truth and not experience.
All though its a perverse world, purity is still possible. And I also believe we can  build godly relationships….
As you take your time,
Discover your personal purpose,
Have a vision,
And fully plan your life with God,
You definitely will✨MARRY RIGHT✅
🌺My gift to you this Val’s day. Think about it🌺
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