Choosing A Stand


Are you letting out your opinion or your life is being ruled by others opinion? You have such a beautiful grace that, your opinion is needed to improve and save lives. Join the leadership table as i talk to you about why you must speak up and cause a difference in this world.

Must Your Voice Be Heard?

Perhaps, do you have that tiny voice that others have? I mean that small voice that tells you your voice doesn’t matter? That you shouldn’t speak up at all because your voice won’t be heard?

Most people debate leaders are made and not born. With others disagreeing leaders are born and not made. Whatever be the case, whether born or made, your voice must be heard and known. You must stand against all odds and speak up. Frankly speaking, many of us are stuck at this impasse and don’t also know we have any input to offer. Even though we’ve been called to the leadership table.

Why You Don’t Speak Out.

Each of us has something to say which is hidden somewhere inside us. That word, that phrase and that statement that can add value to everyone under the influence of our voice. And that’s the more reason why we were chosen and we also assumed that responsibility.

For most people, their problem of not speaking up begins when they are exposed publicly. While with others,they feel there are more people wiser than them in that particular gathering. Not forgetting, others also feel they lack the needed experience to speak up. And again believing their ideas ain’t the best but crazy.

Many also don’t speak up because their ideas have been knocked down before and that crashed their confidence and reduced their level of self esteem.

Making Your Voice Heard And Known.

The question now is, how can your voice be heard if you don’t speak up? And how can you direct or lead others on the right path if you don’t speak up?

Once you assume the leadership role or want your voice to be heard, you should be ready to make decisions and take action.  Believe you me, many people are out there wishing to have been in your level. So don’t sit on this opportunity or pass it up.

Want your voice to be heard? Then raise your hand and let people know you have something to say. Open your mouth and let the ideas flow. Know your timing and let out your view during a conversation or debate. Speak with confidence even if you think what you saying isn’t right. Support your idea, believe in yourself and what you say.  Always be willing to ask questions. Challenge yourself to be bold. Seek for new opportunities and let your strength overshadow your weakness. Yes! You’ve got to let your voice be heard by hock or crock. Speak up to let others see  and identify the leader in you. Let out that hidden voice to save a soul and transform the lives of others.

Make A Difference.

Although it is important to have an outgoing personality and be liked by all, note that others need you to make it to the top. Always seek to create a culture that embraces intelligent thinking.

Otherwise, your passiveness will let your ideas and opinions grow old and probably die along with you. Remember always, YOUR STAND IS A CHOICE. CHOOSE WISELY.

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