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What Information do you feed on as a Christian? Is it Bread or the word of God?
Matthew 4:4 says: It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God
Now, let’s try breaking down the scripture.

It is written:

This is the surest and better way of answering the accusers or temptaters. And it’s done by opposing the word of God to their temptations or accusations. The word of God which is a spiritual sword is able to put them to flight. Giving them no better option but to flee.

Then Jesus went on to say “Man shall not live by bread alone” —

Jesus, I believe quoted these words from Deuteronomy 8:3. Signifying that bread alone, food in general or any other man-made substance isn’t necessary or enough to support man’s life but God can feed and sustain man by His own means and ways. Meaning, we don’t live because we eat but rather because of what God does by means of His special grace.


But by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God shall man live –

Ayayaya. I mean, you just can’t hear certain things and your spirit wouldn’t jump up due to excitement. Jesus said it all. What He actually meant was that, man shall live by whatsoever that shall be appointed by Him (God) for his sustenance. Therefore, He can support us without bread just as He fed the Israelites in the wilderness.


Basically, we are to imitate Christ; always depending on God and His divine blessings. A blessing that will nourish as forever.

But unfortunately, in today’s world, people are just too particular about the food they eat. Whiles some are fortunate to eat the right food and stay healthy, others also eat and jeopardize their health. Whiles some are also fortunate to get 3 square meals a day, some also aren’t that “lucky”. And they are also always trying all means to afford just a meal per day.

Now, let’s relate this to spirituality. When you do so, you realize there is no difference. Why? Because as Christians, we must feed on the right information that contributes to our growth and not malnourish us. And that’s by feeding your faith. Feeding it with the word of God.

Funny enough, Christians rather feed their fears instead of feeding their faith 🙂 . And like I’ve said before, fears only attract negativity. So why waste your time feeding yourself with fears whiles you can feed yourself with faith and grow stronger and healthy?

Don’t think too far. I will tell you how we Christians feed our fears. It’s that simple. You feed your fears when you give attention to wrong or noxious information. You feed your fear when you trouble yourself with unnecessary things of this world. Things that have already been defeated. And you also feed your fears when you keep being pessimistic.

Note that, the food for the human spirit is the word of God. How? Because it’s the words that proceedeth out of God that gives us life and not by eating food or bread alone. Jesus ones said the words that He speaks to us are spirit and life. Without it, we are nothing. And in as much as they may be words, those words are Jesus. How?  In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Note that it said, “and the word was God”. (John 1:1)

So while God’s Word makes the human spirit come alive, we must not poison it with our words and fears. And this happens when we give attention to the wrongs things.
As this continues to happen, the Christian child begins to grow weaker and weaker spiritually.
Before long, he no longer gives attention to the things of God. He loses his zeal and passion for spiritual things. Thereby, taking a completely different turn from the Original plan of God.

It’s my prayer we all give attention to the right information. Allow the word of God to settle in our hearts and depart not away from it. For it’s with the word that every good thing can be produced by us- things we ever desired in life.

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  1. Yes, very necessary for the soul of a man to hear the words of The Living CREATOR before death because after death thing’s CHANGES……………….. Remember and listing to the words of the living Creator when u still have Breathe. AND I ALSO KNOW THAT WHEN YOU SEEK GODS KINGDOM FIRST, EVERY OTHER THING IS ADDED TO YOU

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