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What is that thing which is sweeter than candy? Beautiful as a butterfly? lovely like a flower? And as tasty as honey? No! Am not at all referring to those yummy smashed crabs.  Neither am I referring to that hot appealing pizza or those chocolates. I’m talking about Heaven. Yes, Heaven.

I believe there is nothing sweeter and better than Heaven and nothing bitterer and worse than Hell.

Heaven: What is there in heaven and what is it that makes it sweeter than candy? Heaven is the place where God and His angels live. It’s a place Jesus is preparing for those who believe in Him. A place where there is no sickness, diseases, poverty, hunger, tiredness among others. It’s a place full of joy, love, peace, compassion.


The road to Heaven: What form of transportation can be used to get to heaven? Is it by bus, car or train? or probably by boat or ship? or better still by an airplane or spaceship? The way to heaven cannot be bought by money or ticket nor can one sneak into when there’s no one looking. There is just one and only way to heaven. It’s the safest, surest and proven way. And that is Jesus. Surprised?

Yeah, its true. Jesus is the only way. No one gets to heaven without Him.

Your journey to heaven begins when you accept him.

Heaven is one of the only two places that our journey of life leads us to. The other place is Hell, which no one would even dream of visiting not to talk about staying there eternally. That place was prepared for Satan and his demons and all other people who wouldn’t repent of their sins and turn to Jesus. Yes! heaven is a place where sin cannot stay. A place filled with the special presence of God. A place so pure and Holy.

Will I be there? Your being to heaven again is by your efforts and who you consider as your foundation of life. God loved us so much that He couldn’t bear the pain of seeing us separate from Him due to our sinful nature. He tried all means to get us back to Him from the point of animal sacrifice to that of the 10 commandments. Even though the man couldn’t control himself and stop sinning, God never stopped trying. He then thought of the most painful but worth way of saving us.

He sacrificed the most precious part of Him- His son (Jesus). That was the only way to get us back to Him and not send us to the place prepared for the accuser (Satan) and his demons.

Jesus loved God and us so much and accepted to offer His life as the ransom. He laid aside his majesty, gave up everything and died for us. He completed the task perfectly well and at the end victory was His and ours. And we instead of being slaves became Gods children.

It still cannot stop there since we also have a part to play in the deal. Until we accept we are sinners and confess Jesus as our Lord and personal saviour, sin power CANT be broken from our lives.  We won’t even see ourselves walking on the road leading to heaven. Good deeds cannot  lead us to heaven if we don’t believe and accept JESUS.

I recommend you don’t miss heaven because you don’t believe.

Let your name be in the book of LIFE by accepting Jesus today and you will forever enjoy something sweeter than candy.

Further studies:

John 3:16, John 3:3, John 3:5, Romans 10:9, Romans 3:23 etc

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