Choosing A Stand


Time keeps ticking from seconds to minutes and from minutes to hours. Then it continues ticking from hours to days then from days to weeks. As if that isn’t enough, it continues to tick from weeks to months then from months to years. And it still keeps ticking…tick tock tick tock. With our hands folded, we look at the second and minute sticks as they keep moving.

We still don’t give up; wondering when there will be a turnaround. Always waiting for a miracle, or expecting a form of manna to fall from heaven.  We look for the unseen among others and yet still, this running time won’t stop moving. Neither will it wait for us regardless of how long of a time we do wait.

I began to wonder if we are wasting our precious time or probably our actions are due to our ignorance.

I also wondered if we are blind to see the truth or are deaf to hear the Lord speak. Even now, it seems some have decided to accept the effect of the stressful challenges they are facing instead of standing to deal with those challenges.  If this is the case, then there can’t be any striking on our part but rather, there will be a striking which will keep affecting our lives negatively.

As believers, we must be ready to strike off anything unwanted from our lives and stop waiting for God to come down and do that for us. We must know that, just as God is in Heaven, so has He made us on earth. With every authority needed to take charge and dominion of our lives and that of others.

Until we stand tall to declare what we want to see happen in our lives, our lives will always move at a slow pace and we will never be satisfied with it.

Jesus, I always say can’t be blamed for anything, oh yeah.

The truth will always be the truth. This wonderful Jesus, of course, can come into our stressful situations if only our will gives Him the go ahead.

Yes! He sees what’s happening and what needs to be kicked out but until your will allows His will be done, He will remain a spectator instead of being a participator.

Words are one of the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal.

Words contribute to the making and building of our lives and this same words also contributes to the degrading of our lives. So why don’t you join me as we strike knowing the authority we have as Christians?

That miracle we are waiting for is just a word and an action away from us; that’s speaking forth what we want to see in our lives and taking bold steps towards it. Remember, faith exhibits itself in action and until we speak and act the word, we will wait till rapture comes. I am not proving to be perfect, but I know and believe our perfection is of the Lord, just as our righteousness is also of the Lord.

Pick up your sword (the word), speak and act it now!!!

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